Investment strategies with mid/high yields (target: 6/8%) offering risk/return alternative to the classic high-yield funds currently on financial markets:
  • Not directly linked to the dynamics and trends of financial markets
  • Able to provide a significant carry and consequential payout of annual/bi-annual coupon bonds.
  • Medium risk, able to maintain performance with acceptable of levels of fluctuation
  • Investment strategy with demonstrable returns over medium term
  • Strategy of bond picking with significant carry


  • Focused on private or listed companies
  • Co-investment with specialized managers with excellent track records
  • Deal origination arising from:
    • international network of managers, family offices, private equity firms, financial advisors, fund raisers, etc..
    • analyses and internal targeting on financial markets
  • Companies with international markets, export-oriented, little or low leveraged
  • Focus on areas undergoing structural growth, anti-cyclical, with international appeal


Business line committed to investment in properties with high earning power. The focus is primarily on assets:
  • Mainly commercial (hotels, apartments) but also residential (luxury apartments)
  • Located in countries / cities / urban centers with strong capacity for upside growth (i.e. Eastern Europe, UK, Germany etc.)
  • To be developed with managers with strong technical know-how /long standing track records matured on ‘home’ territory
  • Capable of producing stable and long lasting returns over medium term